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Second, I have no quams about putting anyone's link up, but be aware that I do NOT do banners. I personally find them tacky and I try to stray from them as much as humanly possible. My guestbook is one area I didn't have much of a choice in, but I will not post anyone's personal homepage banners, or any other kind of bannner, on this site. I will, like I said, gladly post a text link and even a description if necessary.

One last side note, a bit of a personal rant. I'm not speaking for anyone other than myself, but type o negative is a truly great, inspiring band...nothing more. This page isn't some silly "shrine" to the "gods" who play the music. And it sure as hell isn't some lame-ass "check out my collection of peter steele pics" web site. This is a page for and of the band, including all members and aspects of their music.

Thank you very much for browsing this page. Hope you like it. Email me if you have any questions or comments. Stay negative!