Type O Tabs

NOTE: I didn't transcribe these tabs. These tablature .txt files are found elsewhere on the net, and I make no guarantee they are 100% accurate.

Each song listed will display the tablature in a separate window for easier viewing.

  • Blood & Fire

  • Burnt Flowers Fallen

  • Bloody Kisses

  • Be My Druidess (BASS)

  • Be My Druidess

  • Black No.1

  • Cinnamon Girl

  • Christian Woman

  • Die With Me

  • Gravity

  • Green Man

  • Haunted

  • In Praise Of Bacchus

  • Love You To Death

  • My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

  • Red Water

  • Summer Breeze

  • Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty of Infidelity

  • Der Untermensch

  • Wolf Moon