Negativity Internet:  News

FINALLY there is a date on the new cd. That's right folks, it's official. The new type o negative album will be out August 10th, and will apparently be titled "World Coming Down". How do I know this? I work in a music store. We have an official hardcopy printout of the date, although the actual title COULD still be speculative. August 10th, people. Be there.

The new album title has apparently changed once again, this time from "Aggroculture" to "World Coming Down". This looks to be the final title upon release. Personally, I liked Aggroculture better. >:\

The Ozzfest tour is about to kick off again this summer, sporting main stage bands such as Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Primus, Deftones, Godsmack, System of a Down, and 2nd stage bands Apartment 26, Static-x, Puya, Pushmonkey, Drain, Fear Factory. Type O Negative will not play any U.S. Ozzfest venues, but will play a week or so worth of Ozzfest shows in Europe.

Still not much new to report, other than the fact that I've been working on getting a good variety of Real Audio files up on the site. Keep watching the sounds page for some streaming type O songs.

Nothing new for quite some time. Other than the fact that the band has been in the recording studio supposedly since november working on the new album. It's a good possibility we'll see a summer tour in '99 to promote the new Type O cd, so keep your eye on the tour dates page.

The band has set up a mailing list. If you're interested send your name, address, email, and the nearest city that you see concerts in to Also, the band wants to hear your ultimate setlist. Any Type O songs that you love to hate that you want to see them perform live? Email them and let them know. Be sure to address your subject heading accordingly (i.e. "mailing list" or "setlist")